Friday, September 09, 2011

Playroom in Progress

Ever since Gray started crawling, walking, and collecting toys, I have been dreading the issue of our house's storage limitations. A 3 bedroom + Office house should be plenty of space for a married couple and one toddler, but alas... it doesn't seem to be. So now I've bitten off more than I can chew (or than our house decorating budget can) in attempting to turn our office into a playroom for Gray and any subsequent children that happen to come along. The problem is that the "one" project involves a million small projects:

  • clean out office closet (and therefore clean out Gray's closet, two hall closets, and guest bedroom closet)
  • sell office furniture
  • steal armoire out of guest bedroom & paint
  • sell desktop computer and buy a laptop
  • rewire printer and router
  • pair down and organize Gray's toys from around the house
  • create a guest bed/playroom cozy spot for when the guest room is no longer a guest room
  • find creative, playful, cheap ways to dress up the playroom walls as appropriate for kids
  • pair down Ben's & my book collection and find somewhere to put the one's we can't part with
  • organize/pair down pictures in boxes that I never scrapbooked since I finally am admitting that I am too lazy or OCD to scrapbook
  • Make the playroom a presentable place since it is the first room (with glass french doors) that you see when you enter our house (GULP!)
  • and on and on and on the list goes

We're 1/100th of the way there! I'll post pictures as I finish stages of the conversion.