Thursday, September 29, 2011

It Takes A Village

I've been feeling dragged down this week due to allergies or a cold or something, and today promised to finally do me in. Here's how this mother of a 17 month old made it out alive:

my kitchen had been freshly stocked with coffee,

I have my friend Beth nearby who owns and was willing to deliver Tylenol,

I have a terrific mother-in-law who's more than glad to take a toddler off my hands,

and a kind husband who is cooking dinner while I lay on the coach intermittently watching Vampire Diaries and blogging.

Thanks you guys!

Now what you're all really hoping for while reading my blog: pics of Gray pretending to drink coffee with me.

P.S. This is the first time for me to try using Blogger on my phone. We'll see how it works.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Playroom in Progress

Ever since Gray started crawling, walking, and collecting toys, I have been dreading the issue of our house's storage limitations. A 3 bedroom + Office house should be plenty of space for a married couple and one toddler, but alas... it doesn't seem to be. So now I've bitten off more than I can chew (or than our house decorating budget can) in attempting to turn our office into a playroom for Gray and any subsequent children that happen to come along. The problem is that the "one" project involves a million small projects:

  • clean out office closet (and therefore clean out Gray's closet, two hall closets, and guest bedroom closet)
  • sell office furniture
  • steal armoire out of guest bedroom & paint
  • sell desktop computer and buy a laptop
  • rewire printer and router
  • pair down and organize Gray's toys from around the house
  • create a guest bed/playroom cozy spot for when the guest room is no longer a guest room
  • find creative, playful, cheap ways to dress up the playroom walls as appropriate for kids
  • pair down Ben's & my book collection and find somewhere to put the one's we can't part with
  • organize/pair down pictures in boxes that I never scrapbooked since I finally am admitting that I am too lazy or OCD to scrapbook
  • Make the playroom a presentable place since it is the first room (with glass french doors) that you see when you enter our house (GULP!)
  • and on and on and on the list goes

We're 1/100th of the way there! I'll post pictures as I finish stages of the conversion.