Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I could mention how ashamed I am that the last blog I posted was in JANUARY!, but that would be a little redundant, as I seem to start off every over-due post with the same apology/embarassment. Oh well. That's life. It's crazy and I am a lazy, periodic blogger.

"So," you ask, "what's new with the fam?" Here's what... since January:

Gray is doing great these days. We made it through that rough season of no sleeping-no eating- $600/month formula (which insurance FINALLY started covering). Now we have moved on to walking (forwards & back), running, jabering nonsense, and the dreaded 2-1 nap transition.

Days with Gray are such simple, pure fun these days... Now we just need to have another baby to spice things up. No, I am not announcing anything; we are not pregnant. I just need to acknowledge that life has gotten "easy" these days and Ben and I would have to be crazy to want to mess that up. But we do. Eventually. I think. Maybe. The jury is still out.

So, you ask, what's the plan for fall for the fam? Here's what... since you asked:

Not Mother's Day Out if you must know. I chickened out and am SO glad. Instead of Gray being in someone else's care while I traipse around town like a free woman (Wait! I change my mind! JK), we have a full schedule:

Monday: Story Time @ Allen Public Library @ 11:15
Tuesday: Women's Bible Study @ Hope Fellowship & Afternoons with GiGi!
Wednesday: Tiny Tots and Tunes @ The Heights @ 9:30
Thursday: Gymboree

I can almost smell the fresh fall air now!