Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Gray Winter

Grayson's first winter has gotten off to a fantastic start! Just like me, Gray LOVES the cold weather outside; his face lights up every time we step out the door into a cold breeze. You can just imagine what today's snowfall did for the sweet boy!

Besides for simply basking in the wonderful weather this winter, we've finally gotten Gray's eating issues under control with the help of Nutramigen AA formula (likely laced with gold). It has been a miraculous change in his eating behavior. He's a much happier baby these days, and therefore, Ben and I are MUCH happier as well.

Since my last post, we've taken hundreds of pictures of Gray, so I'll pick a few of my favorites to spare you hours of scrolling.

Grayson's First Halloween: Our Little Stinker

These two pictures were taken by Sarah Goshgarian shortly after Gray turned 6 months

Facebook Friend's Comment re this picture: Holy Cow! Christmas is Awesome

Grayson's First Snow Day