Monday, October 11, 2010

Weight Loss

Nope, not me. Grayson. Sadly, over the past 3 months Grayson has been fussing more and more when we try to make him eat or sleep. He has been on a mild antacid, Zantac, since he turned 6 weeks old. At first that seemed to solve his eating issues, but then they got worse again. Because his initial weight gain was good, it has been hard to diagnose a problem and at first we thought maybe his lack of daytime sleeping was the culprit. However, over the last 2 months Gray has gained almost no weight. I have talked with our pediatrician, countless lactation consultants, and scoured the internet for a solution. Thankfully, a couple of our friends recommended a pediatric GI doctor to us.

We had Grayson's first appointment today and are hopeful that we'll find a solution to his misery (and ours) soon. The doctor prescribed a much stronger antacid, Prevacid, to see whether or not the issue is related to reflux. If, in one week, we have not noticed a dramatic difference we are moving on to Plan B. It just feels good to be seeing a specialist and to have quick, reliable, measurable ways to intercede on Grayson's behalf.

The new medicine will probably take 4-5 days to kick in. Until then, we're continuing to pray for wisdom and patience. I'm sure hoping to write a follow-up post next week with positive news. Be praying!