Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stupid Oxytocin

Disclaimer: Prepare yourselves for another blog about Grayson's sleep; it is our all-consuming issue these days! If blogs are a true indication about a person's life, just be happy that yours MUST be more exciting than mine. While Ben is off traipsing around Denver at the Great American Beer Festival, I am sitting here blogging, yet again, about sleep...

After coming home from a quick trip to Lubbock last weekend, Gray and I (more or less) started over on sleep training. We are still doing better than when we started this oh-so-fun endeavor over 3 weeks ago, but not by leaps and bounds. Until Thursday...

Thursday morning, I laid Gray down for his morning nap as usual. And, as usual, I sat with the monitor close by after he'd gone to sleep just waiting for him to wake right back up in 15 or so minutes. So, I curled up on the couch with a book, just waiting to be interrupted, resigned to the fact that it wasn't worth starting any other project. Before I knew it, I had finished my book and Gray was still asleep: 30 minutes without waking up and no book to read. What was I to do?

Shower! I got out of the shower and Gray was still asleep (We're going on an hour at this point - I take long showers). I checked and double-checked the monitor every 20 seconds or so while putting on my make-up and doing my hair (and now we're at an hour and a half - I take a long time to get ready in general).

At this point it's going on close to 2 hours that Gray has been napping. I've finished a book, gotten ready, and picked up the house. So, here's where the oxytocin part of the story comes in. My beautiful, anti-napping son is coming to the end of his longest nap to date and I am in a near panicked state, because I am imagining all sorts of terrible SIDS scenarios even though I have checked the video monitor a trillion times in the past hour. I was so nervous that I had to call Ben and have him talk me out of going in to Gray's room to wake him up. Stupid Oxytocin, why not just let me enjoy 2 hours of productivity?!

Needless to say, Gray woke up happy and refreshed, I calmed down and everything is back to a non-napping state. Oh joy!