Thursday, August 13, 2009

10 of My Favorite Things

In no particular order (because what kind of favorites would they be if one was less of a favorite than another)....


This pick is multi reasoned.
First, I abhor painting my own toenails.
Second, It is a wonderful thing to get an hour long foot massage for only $30.


Now, I know there are lots of great phones out there that do the same things, but I don't own those. I own the iPhone and am paying credit where it is due. I have always been the "free phone" kind of gal because I just needed my phone to be a phone. But then I saw the beauty in iPods. And then, a step even further, they found a way to shove an iPod into my phone so that I don't have to update, charge, and carry both around. Genius! If the iPod in a phone business isn't enough, the iPhone also has a maps application that lets me search for places on the fly without having to have a separate GPS mounted with cords dangling everywhere or running home to print off directions from Mapquest. I could ramble on and on, but the fact is, you're either an iPhone fan or your not, so I won't bore you any longer with my thoughts on it.


At the first sight of snow each year, the six year old inside of my comes out to play. There is nothing I like more than making snowmen and snow ice cream and setting Khak Dog out to romp in the white fluff. I have never been and will never be a summer person, but give me a few feet of snow and I am in utter bliss.


As most people know, I am not overly sentimental. (I do not think this is a bad thing, by the way.)However, the one keepsake that I am adamant about keeping is pictures of family. As with all things, I try my best to take a million pictures of everything, but I do occasionally fall off the bandwagon.


I love walking into my house and smelling warm, rich, baking smells. It has taken years of trial and error, but I think I have finally found the perfect way (for me) to do that. I used to spend gobs of money on candles and different plug-ins and they never seemed to give that whole-house aroma that I was looking for. However, as a wedding gift someone gave me my first ever Bath & Body Wallflower Plug-In and it was love at first smell. My favorite scents: Kitchen Spice, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, and Cinnamon & Clove.


Ever since my Nanny first started serving me milk with a drop of coffee and a ton of sweetner, I have been addicted to dessert style coffees. I love A CUP of coffee in the morning and especially love A CUP of coffee with dessert on a rare night, but have never been one to make an entire pot. As a congratulations gift to self last year, I bought a Tassimo one-cup-coffee maker which can whip up anything from a cup of decaf to an impressive latte to a cup of hot tea. It has saved my students from seeing a very cranky version of Mrs. J.


Oh! Books! I just love buying, holding, and sometimes even reading them. I love them all. YA, adult, children's, you name it. I started my first year of teaching with only a dozen or so YA books to put on the shelves in my classroom. Now, going into my second year of teaching, I have 8 shelves packed to the brim and even had to take some by to Half Price to sell back. Speaking of Half Price, I can't decide if it is a God-send or exactly the opposite. Luckily, the books are cheap or otherwise I'd be broke.


Stationary holds the same intoxicating appeal as books for me. I can hardly resist buying beautiful journals, intricate handmade cards, and brightly patterned post-its. Rarely do I have the need for such luxuries, but they sure are nice to look at sitting atop my desk.

New Clothes

Maybe this came to mind since it is back to school time, or maybe I'm just that shallow. Either way, I love to buy new clothes. It doesn't matter how cheap or how plain, it just feels great to wear something new.

Music Mixes

I doesn't matter to me if you make your own, use Pandora, create a Genius playlist, or simply turn on the radio in the late evening hours. I am a sucker for music mixes. They can be simple and sophisticated or jock-jam style. I won't complain. Just let me listen.


Unknown said...

I love this and I love the new look of your blog!!!! So cute! :o) Love you!