Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weekend Fun

Things continue to be busy for us Joneses. We had antoher great weekend celebrating Farron's 50th Birthday and picnicing with Bobbie for Mother's Day. Here are a few pics.

For Farron's Birthday, Bobbie set up a surprise dinner at Cristina's. He was such a good sport and wore his "Old Fart" hat and pin proudly!

Mark & Holly

Ben & Me

Mark showing off some more of the "Old Fart" decorations

Ben & Bobbie

Britt WEARING some of the table decorations. :)

This pic isn't great but it was a LOT of work so I just had to include it. Along with the fam in this picture are a couple of Farron's good friends from work who came to help us surprise him.

Our picnic was also great fun. We only took a few pics because I was more facinated by the massive group forming close by. I don't think I even KNOW half the number of people this family brought with them to celebrate on Mother's Day. :)

This is what we did... played and lazed around.

Here's what hardcore picnicers do... They bring their own grill, volleyball net, and enough food for an army... Wait, I think they were a bigger group than an army. :)

We hope you all had as great of a weekend as we did!