Monday, December 03, 2007

Kicking Off Christmas

Ben and I visited Dad and Jodie this past weekend and we had a wonderful time kicking off the Christmas holiday. On Saturday evening we saw Fred Claus with Kylan, drove by wonderful Christmas lights, and exchanged gifts.

In a neighborhood nearby Dad and Jodie's house, a family has decorated their lawn with lights that play to the sounds of Christmas music. When you drive by their house, you can turn your radio to a local station and watch while the lights move along with the music. I had seen emails with this type of thing before, but to see it in person was a real treat!

To wrap up our fun holiday weekend, we helped Dad and Jodie start decorating their house for Christmas (which they continued long after we left, I'm sure).

The entire weekend was a blast and we are so thankful to live close enough to get to visit even on short weekends. We are excited to continue celebrating the Christmas season with the rest of our family and friends!