Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wonderful Thanksgiving

Ben and I just got through celebrating Thanksgiving with my Mom. It was such a treat, because we got to host it this year. We have never gotten to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas at our house so we were really excited and a little nervous - or at least I was. We had most of the usuals: Turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet & mashed potatoes, broccoli & rice casserole, cranberry sauce, an olive tray, and pumpkin & pecan pies (oops - we forgot the steamed asparagus & rolls). Ben brined the turkey all day Wednesday and smoked it on Thursday which turned out fabulous!

Since we will be spending Christmas with Ben's Mom this year, we also celebrated Christmas with my Mom and siblings. We did a quick change, threw up the tree, and exchanged gifts.

We had tons of fun hanging out together. We had Kevin's muffaletta's, went bowling, watched football & several movies, and just had fun spending time together.

We had a WONDERFUL time having my family in town and are SO thankful that they made the trip here to visit and that we were able to host them in our house.