Friday, April 06, 2007


I am looking so forward to Easter this year. I just finished a Beth Moore Bible Study called Jesus the One and Only and it was all about the life of Christ. It really helped me set the mood for the upcoming holiday. It seems weird to me that as a Christian I focus so much on Christmas and sometimes overlook Easter.

Today is Good Friday. It is Good because the only cruxifiction that could be considered Good is one that did not merely end in death, but ended in the atonement of sins for all eternity. Death could not keep its grip on the Savior of the World. So today is a cause for celebration for me because it gives a person like me a chance at life.

Easter Sunday will be extra special this year because we get to celebrate with Holly, Mark, Britt, and Kevin. Nothing could be better than being with family on such an important day. Ben and I are so blessed to have such wonderful family members. We hope that all the rest of our family in Lubbock and Houston have a wonderful weekend as well. We love you all and miss you!