Monday, March 19, 2007

Bunches of Birthdays

Ben and I have been celebrating like madmen lately. Holly's Birthday was March 11th and Mark's Birthday is today.

For Holly's Birthday the whole family got together at the infamous Christina's for delish Mexican a couple of Saturdays ago. The strong Margaritas provided for both dinner and a show! There was talk of dancing table top but we decided being thrown out of a restaurant might have made for a bad Birthday for Holly! What a night!!!

Ben and I joined in on the celebrating of Mark's Birthday this past Saturday night along with all of Holly and Mark's family members - minus Kevin and Chase who are out of town somewhere... can't remember where... Oh yeah! Hawaii. (I am sure they were really missing us!) We ate dinner at Texas Land & Cattle and were all introduced to Mark's family who was visiting from Pennsylvania.

We have had a wonderful time living close to Ben's family this past year and getting to be apart of everyone's special day! Happy Birthday Holly and Mark. We love you both!!!