Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines' Day

Let me be honest with you all for just a minute. I had never been a huge Valentines' enthusiast is years past. No reason in particular... Maybe I am just not much of a romantic? Now, I know no girl is allowed to say those words, but it is (or was) true. However, for whatever reason, this year I am really excited to celebrate Valentines' Day.

Ben and I agreed to keep it low key but I am just very excited. We are going to Maggiano's for dinner tonight. They have this meal that is absolutely to die for that we always share and we are also making homemade Valentines for each other. Ben worked really hard for a really long time on mine last night so I can't wait to see it. And lastly, we decided on a joint gift to ourselves: a mini set of dance lessons. I am so excited!

It has also been very sweet because several of my residents have brought me by little goodie bags of candies, muffins, flowers, cards and all kinds of other assorted gifts.

I am becoming a big fan of this holiday! I hope you are too!