Friday, January 05, 2007


Well... OK so I am still just not doing a good job of keeping this blog updated. Maybe I will get better. Maybe.

Here is a recap of 2007:

1. Ben and I moved to Dallas, TX without a home, without selling our Lubbock home, without a job for me, and moved in with Ben's parents, Farron and Bobbie Dacus.
2. I found a job and began my career as a Service Coordinator for Plano Community Homes.
3. We sold our Lubbock home and packed up our belongings to move them to Dallas.
4. Ben and I became members of The Heights Baptist Church.
5. Ben and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary in Las Colinas.
6. We found and built a house in Allen which we moved into in the HEAT of July.
7. Ben started a new job with the most amazing company, Vision Wealth Management.
8. We celebrated Thanksgiving with My Dad in Houston.
9. We celebrated Christmas with Kevin and his family

Well now, I know that doesn't make up for months on end of no blogs but I promise to be better. Maybe.

Ben & Shelby Jones