Friday, January 19, 2007

Murphy & Me

I was so inspired recently to get a new dog. I definitely knew that I wanted to get another Golden Retriever. I also knew that there was no way I could handle a puppy right now. So I figured we needed to adopt an adult rescue Golden. I applied at 2 local Golden Retriever shelters and was ecstatic when I got an invitation to meet a potential adoptee this past Saturday.

Ben, Khaki, and I loaded into the car despite the terrible rain and weather conditions and made the 45 minute haul down to Orvis in Dallas. (I somehow forgot that I am scared to death of being in big groups of dogs.) There were about 15 dogs there. I was such a nervous wreck. We were supposed to be meeting a 5 year old female named Gilda who was mysteriously missing. We found out she had come down with kennel cough and wouldn't make it in. We decided to wait around to see if any other Goldens were still available at the end of the adoption time.

Murphy was a 1 year old boy that was still available and we decided to give it a shot with Murphy.

Well let me just tell you a little about Murphy... A 1 year old Golden Retriever is definitely still a puppy. He chewed 2 electrical cords - it is amazing he is still alive and our house hasn't burned down. More than the puppydom, Murphy was a DROOL MASTER. Yes, he drooled when he sat, ran, ate, drank, and of course, when he laid his head on my lap, couch, and bed. Luckily for me, I was allergic to all this drooling and was able to return him guilt free. Murphy was a total and utterly sweet mess. He was a big drooling sweetheart of a puppy and will one day make a perfect match for a little rough and tumble boy - at someone else's house!

I am totally spent. I still like the idea of having another dog, but am just cherishing having only Khaki for right now. I am a little gun shy and will be for a quite a while!

Murphy, Good-bye and Good Luck!


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