Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Big 2 3

Today is Ben's 23rd Birthday! (I'd say that we are getting old but I am afraid I would get stoned by most of our family and friends for that.) Ben is having to work today but he has plans to go to his favorite sandwich shop, Potbelly's, for lunch with a friend and then he and I are going to Outback for a scumptious dinner tonight. I also packed him a cookie from Cookies By Design in the shape of a Birthday cake inside a box that resembles a birthday card.

Since Ben's Birthday falls in the middle of the week we figured we would do a little celebrating today and save the rest for the weekend. Saturday we have a family get together scheduled. Bobbie, Farron, Holly, Mark, Kevin and Chase will all be coming over to our house for a Mexican Dinner. We are going to have fajitas, chips with queso, salsa, and guacamole, mexican coleslaw, refried black beans, and cheesy Spanish rice. For dessert we have ordered a giant cookie cake which we'll serve with the Jones' favorite - Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla icecream. Afterwards we will watch movies and play games. It should be a blast to all be able to get together to celebrate Ben's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Ben!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Dinner and a Show

Ben and I hung out with Holly and her boyfriend Mark this Saturday and we all had so much fun. The four of us went to the Dallas World Aquarium ( which was absolutely spectacular. Only Holly had been before and I wasn't sure what to expect. I guess I figured it would simply be a bunch of rooms with fish tanks but I was so surprised to see that it was more like an indoor zoo than an aquarium. I really enjoyed getting to see a sloth up close and in person and I also LOVED the otters! They were just so adorable. Even though we were all bedecked in our heavy coats when we arrived, we definitely didn't need them once we got inside the humid environment that fosters the wildlife and tropical plants. If you are looking for something fun and different to do in Dallas, I would highly recommend this to anyone.

After we left the Aquarium, the four of us headed to Buca di Beppo. I had never been before and couldn't wait to try it. Since the Italian food is served "family style", Ben and I decided to wait until we had some other friends to go with. The four of us shared two great dishes and I was very contented.

We also made a quick stop by the nearyby North Park Mall; which I had never been to before either. It was so open and much less crammed and crowed than most malls. We sat at Starbucks for a few minutes to talk before heading back home and I warmed myself up with a nice hot cup of Chai Tea (yum!).

I can now cross three more things off my list of Dallas attractions. It was such a fun and different night! I can't wait to revisit all these places again soon.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Murphy & Me

I was so inspired recently to get a new dog. I definitely knew that I wanted to get another Golden Retriever. I also knew that there was no way I could handle a puppy right now. So I figured we needed to adopt an adult rescue Golden. I applied at 2 local Golden Retriever shelters and was ecstatic when I got an invitation to meet a potential adoptee this past Saturday.

Ben, Khaki, and I loaded into the car despite the terrible rain and weather conditions and made the 45 minute haul down to Orvis in Dallas. (I somehow forgot that I am scared to death of being in big groups of dogs.) There were about 15 dogs there. I was such a nervous wreck. We were supposed to be meeting a 5 year old female named Gilda who was mysteriously missing. We found out she had come down with kennel cough and wouldn't make it in. We decided to wait around to see if any other Goldens were still available at the end of the adoption time.

Murphy was a 1 year old boy that was still available and we decided to give it a shot with Murphy.

Well let me just tell you a little about Murphy... A 1 year old Golden Retriever is definitely still a puppy. He chewed 2 electrical cords - it is amazing he is still alive and our house hasn't burned down. More than the puppydom, Murphy was a DROOL MASTER. Yes, he drooled when he sat, ran, ate, drank, and of course, when he laid his head on my lap, couch, and bed. Luckily for me, I was allergic to all this drooling and was able to return him guilt free. Murphy was a total and utterly sweet mess. He was a big drooling sweetheart of a puppy and will one day make a perfect match for a little rough and tumble boy - at someone else's house!

I am totally spent. I still like the idea of having another dog, but am just cherishing having only Khaki for right now. I am a little gun shy and will be for a quite a while!

Murphy, Good-bye and Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Book Review

One of my many New Year's Resolutions for 2007 is to stop rotting my brain with so much TV and instead start reading at least one book a month.

I recently acquired a copy of the book Marley & Me. (And by the phase "recently acquired", I mean that my dog decided to unwrap and chew the book intended as a gift for my Sister-in-law, Holly, and therefore I was granted the slobbery mess as a gift to myself.)

The book, chewed as it is, was wonderful. I absolutely loved the story. The subtitle is Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog and man was that ever the case. It takes a special soul to love a dog that bad. Marley successfully ate more items than I think I have ever even owned.

However, the story was not all bad. The story shows the reader what joy even the worst dog can bring into the life of it's owner. Now the next sentence may be a shock to some of you coming from me, but... I definitely couldn't imagine all the joys I would have missed out never having a dog of my own to love. Khaki is so precious to me and she adds so much to Ben's and my life. The author (and I agree) mentions the fact that we can learn a lot about life and love from the most unusual sources - including a dog like Marley.

If you have a chance to read this book and you have ever had a dog of your own to love, you will NOT be disappointed.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Well... OK so I am still just not doing a good job of keeping this blog updated. Maybe I will get better. Maybe.

Here is a recap of 2007:

1. Ben and I moved to Dallas, TX without a home, without selling our Lubbock home, without a job for me, and moved in with Ben's parents, Farron and Bobbie Dacus.
2. I found a job and began my career as a Service Coordinator for Plano Community Homes.
3. We sold our Lubbock home and packed up our belongings to move them to Dallas.
4. Ben and I became members of The Heights Baptist Church.
5. Ben and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary in Las Colinas.
6. We found and built a house in Allen which we moved into in the HEAT of July.
7. Ben started a new job with the most amazing company, Vision Wealth Management.
8. We celebrated Thanksgiving with My Dad in Houston.
9. We celebrated Christmas with Kevin and his family

Well now, I know that doesn't make up for months on end of no blogs but I promise to be better. Maybe.

Ben & Shelby Jones