Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Welcoming Shelby to the 21st Century

I have decided that I am not hip... I never will be... I hate text messaging and don't understand why people don't just call instead... I only have a vague understanding of what a Blackberry is and have absolutely no need for it... I don't have an account on My Space... I guess this blog will have to suffice for all my technology deficiencies.

I have drug my husband down with me. He used to be a nerd (meaning he was with it with regards to technology but not fashion). He used to build computers and IM and all the like. This is an offer to him as well - to help me be a little more clued into today's world and get back into the technological world that he loves.

I make no promises of wonderful and exciting blogs but only an alternative to people who REALLY don't want to start receiving annoying family newsletters from Ben, Shelby, and Khaki Jones. This is for people who would like to check in on us from time to time but that would become nauseous looking at my scrapbooks or those who simply live too far away now.

We will be talking to you soon!