Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Moving Story

Ben and I want to say a special thanks to all the family that has made our new home possible!

Mom, Lonnie & Wes: We appreciate your help packing our house in Lubbock and for the muscle used to lift all those boxes and heavy furniture into the moving truck.

Bobbie & Farron: You not only helped us unpack the moving truck into storage but you also housed us for all those months we were searching for and waiting on our new house. Thank you also for your help painting our new house, Bobbie.

Dad: Thank you for helping us during the middle of a work week to move our belongings out of storage and into our house. Man was it ever hot!

We have been blessed by loads of support and amazing generosity from all of our family and friends. We are so grateful for the part you ALL did to help us make this life transistion. We have the best family and friends and will always be indebted to you.