Monday, January 23, 2012


I realize Gray has been growing and learning at an incredible rate every day for the past 21 months, but his demonstration of that growth has been in SUPER speed this past month. It seems like overnight Gray has morphed into a little boy who talks, eats with a fork at the table, wants to play independently, can (un)dress himself, has decent balance, and cleans up after himself. I have been utterly amazed day in and day out over the past month at all the new things he has been doing, saying, and seeming to comprehend. I can't imagine what life with our little boy will be like in 6 months from now!

Here's a sweet picture of Gray sitting at the table to eat his breakfast this morning:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Family Christmas

Besides having terrific family, we are fortunate to have wonderful friends who feel like family, too. Ben, Gray, and I enjoyed our annual Oswald & Jones Family Christmas outing tonight at Prestonwood's kid's event: Merry Christmas With Love. Gray, Reese, & Collin had fun petting animals at the live Nativity, doing a Christmas craft, sitting on Santa's lap (minus Gray, of course), decorating cookies, and having their faces painted. (Collin actually wins the award for sweetest, most patient baby in a stroller, but if he hadn't been that, Reese & Gray would have had significantly less fun.)

Friday, October 21, 2011

State Fair of Texas 2011

I'm all about taking obligatory pictures when I go places like the State Fair. You know... standing in front of Big Tex, eating a funnel cake, etc. It's as if those pictures prove we were there and had fun. However, I'm learning those don't always happen while still having fun with a toddler. Pictures we did take include ones of Grayson wallering around on the Dart Train and staring rudely at our odd fellow passengers (he hasn't learned certain social graces yet), touching disgusting statues in downtown Dallas, petting filthy animals, and watching a corny, but amusing, kids circus.

I also learned that 4-5 hours allotted to go to and from the State Fair is not enough to see many attractions, but is more than our family of 3 can handle. We were all exhausted by the time we made it home. Luckily we rode the Dart and got in free, so the ordeal was very inexpensive (unless you count the doctor's visit we'll incur from the many diseases Gray must have picked up).

*Note: an excessive amount of hand sanitizer was used during the filming of this event.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Morning

I'm not a morning person. Period. Therefore, the task of being chipper for my non-morning-person 18 month old is quite an undertaking. Daily.

Our typical routine is that I roll out of bed when it becomes exceedingly apparent that Gray is 100% ready to be out of his crib (and don't think for a second that I don't give him plenty of time to change his mind on the idea). I throw on my robe and pick up Mr. Sunshine and we grunt at each other as we make our way through breakfast - lovingly, of course. By the end of a cup (or two) of coffee for me and a kitchen's worth of groceries for him, we are both ready to take on the day.

Recently, however, Gray has transitioned from 2 naps to one. (Follow me here.) What this means is that there's no longer a built-in down time at 10:00 for me to get ready for the day. So guess what? I, as a responsible adult and parent, SHOULD be getting up an hour before Gray to get ready. It's been about a month since Gray changed his naps, and I've only accomplished the extra-early-morning feat a few times. Today is one of those. So guess what? I'm thoroughly enjoying being dressed, fed, and sitting quietly for a few minutes. I won't even have to fake a chipper attitude when I pick Gray up out of his crib this morning.

The big question now is whether or not I can convince myself tomorrow morning that it's worth getting out of bed when it's still dark to have this peaceful waking-up time. I should have more faith in myself...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It Takes A Village

I've been feeling dragged down this week due to allergies or a cold or something, and today promised to finally do me in. Here's how this mother of a 17 month old made it out alive:

my kitchen had been freshly stocked with coffee,

I have my friend Beth nearby who owns and was willing to deliver Tylenol,

I have a terrific mother-in-law who's more than glad to take a toddler off my hands,

and a kind husband who is cooking dinner while I lay on the coach intermittently watching Vampire Diaries and blogging.

Thanks you guys!

Now what you're all really hoping for while reading my blog: pics of Gray pretending to drink coffee with me.

P.S. This is the first time for me to try using Blogger on my phone. We'll see how it works.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Playroom in Progress

Ever since Gray started crawling, walking, and collecting toys, I have been dreading the issue of our house's storage limitations. A 3 bedroom + Office house should be plenty of space for a married couple and one toddler, but alas... it doesn't seem to be. So now I've bitten off more than I can chew (or than our house decorating budget can) in attempting to turn our office into a playroom for Gray and any subsequent children that happen to come along. The problem is that the "one" project involves a million small projects:

  • clean out office closet (and therefore clean out Gray's closet, two hall closets, and guest bedroom closet)
  • sell office furniture
  • steal armoire out of guest bedroom & paint
  • sell desktop computer and buy a laptop
  • rewire printer and router
  • pair down and organize Gray's toys from around the house
  • create a guest bed/playroom cozy spot for when the guest room is no longer a guest room
  • find creative, playful, cheap ways to dress up the playroom walls as appropriate for kids
  • pair down Ben's & my book collection and find somewhere to put the one's we can't part with
  • organize/pair down pictures in boxes that I never scrapbooked since I finally am admitting that I am too lazy or OCD to scrapbook
  • Make the playroom a presentable place since it is the first room (with glass french doors) that you see when you enter our house (GULP!)
  • and on and on and on the list goes

We're 1/100th of the way there! I'll post pictures as I finish stages of the conversion.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I could mention how ashamed I am that the last blog I posted was in JANUARY!, but that would be a little redundant, as I seem to start off every over-due post with the same apology/embarassment. Oh well. That's life. It's crazy and I am a lazy, periodic blogger.

"So," you ask, "what's new with the fam?" Here's what... since January:

Gray is doing great these days. We made it through that rough season of no sleeping-no eating- $600/month formula (which insurance FINALLY started covering). Now we have moved on to walking (forwards & back), running, jabering nonsense, and the dreaded 2-1 nap transition.

Days with Gray are such simple, pure fun these days... Now we just need to have another baby to spice things up. No, I am not announcing anything; we are not pregnant. I just need to acknowledge that life has gotten "easy" these days and Ben and I would have to be crazy to want to mess that up. But we do. Eventually. I think. Maybe. The jury is still out.

So, you ask, what's the plan for fall for the fam? Here's what... since you asked:

Not Mother's Day Out if you must know. I chickened out and am SO glad. Instead of Gray being in someone else's care while I traipse around town like a free woman (Wait! I change my mind! JK), we have a full schedule:

Monday: Story Time @ Allen Public Library @ 11:15
Tuesday: Women's Bible Study @ Hope Fellowship & Afternoons with GiGi!
Wednesday: Tiny Tots and Tunes @ The Heights @ 9:30
Thursday: Gymboree

I can almost smell the fresh fall air now!